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DUI Attorneys in Westminster, CA

Driving under the influence continues to be one of the most heavily prosecuted crimes in California. If you were arrested on DUI charges in Westminster, you need to strongly consider hiring a lawyer to represent you in criminal court and at your DMV hearing. An experienced Westminster DUI attorney can inform you of your rights, explain your best options, and make sure you are aggressively defended at all of your court appearances. The right Westminster DUI lawyer can make all the difference between winning your case and being found guilty.

At Coffey & Coffey we can proudly say that we have both a great deal of knowledge in California DUI law, and that we’ve been able to achieve successful verdicts for the majority of our clients. We have experience handling Westminster DUI cases that involved breath/blood tests, field sobriety tests, commercial vehicle DUI, underage DUI, DUI appeals, and 2nd, 3rd, or 4th DUI offenses.

If you have been looking for an experienced, reliable, and trustworthy Westminster DUI lawyer to handle your case, your search ends here. At Coffey & Coffey, we are 100% committed to doing what we do best: providing people like you with superb DUI defense representation. Our number one priority is making sure you aren’t found guilty and sentenced to DUI penalties that are sure to take a toll on your life, such as driver’s license suspension, vehicle seizure, fines, community service, traffic school, and possible time in jail. We are prepared to begin working for you right away by conducting our own investigations and collecting compelling evidence. Once we are in court or at the hearing, we will zealously defend your case to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether. Preserving your rights and freedom is our main objective, and we will not stop working until we have achieved a winning outcome!

If you are interested in discussing your case with a skilled Westminster DUI attorney our firm, please contact Coffey & Coffey today for your free consultation!

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